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Interpreters will never be replaced by machines!

Your ideas, your words, your goals and even your facial expressions should be clearly communicated for maximum comprehension. I’m sure you understand this principle, so welcome to my website.

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Mutual understanding and respect of cultural differences!

Cultural differences are not only deeply embedded into society and the human psyche, but also into the life of an enterprise. Knowing and understanding these differences, is what will help your business avoid unnecessary communication problems.

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A professional interpreter for your specific industry!

Many years of experience has made me particularly apt at providing on site interpretation and translation services for various fields of business, such as production, purchasing, IT and many other manufacturing and commercial ventures that have specific language requirements.

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Knowledge of technical terms in source and target language

In-depth knowledge of both source and target languages are basic to ensuring well prepared and precise interpretation and translation.

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Nowadays, economic relationships between China and Germany are getting deeper and wider and a majority of them have successful stories. Mutual respect and understanding are the foundations for bilateral cooperation. Language barriers and cultural differences are the top challenges and play critical roles in the process.

As an interpreter, I will support you to overcome these barriers and ensure that cross-cultural communications go smoothly and successfully.


Visits with business clients, negotiations, delegations, exhibitions, training, workshops and other related services

Searching for an interpreter for international business meetings? No matter if it’s business discussions, delegations, training, workshops, factory visits or other needs, I will be at your side as competent and professional interpreter. Read more

Written translation

Business documents, marketing materials, company names, private names

If you are looking for a fair price for having your text translated from German/ English to Chinese or from Chinese to English, then you have come to the right place. Please click here for more information about prices for written translation services. Read more

Your interpreter

Photos, experience and background

To get a first impression of who I am, please read about me here. For further information, please call me! Get to know me