What I offer:

  • Witten translation from Chinese to English, English to Chinese, German to Chinese
  • Interpreting from English to Chinese, Chinese to English

Written translation

If you are looking for a fair price for having your text translated from German/English to Chinese or from Chinese to English, then you have come to the right place. Please click here for more information about prices for written translation services.


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Experience and background knowledge

It is critically important to be well prepared whatever the assignment! If a document and its topic were well prepared in advance, it would certainly ensure the best quality communication from the interpreter.

It is always best and preferable to have background knowledge of a professional field to ensure the best interpretation. This is the only way an interpreter can truly understand the content of your message and the goal of your communication. The following list of topics represents my personal areas of expertise. I am very confident to be your most suitable interpreter.



  • Programming and nesting of laser systems

  • Manufacturing process of hydraulic tubes (bending, cleaning and protecting)

  • Stamping, folding and bending

  • Welding quality assurance

  • Welding trainings


  • Painting facilities and processes (pre-treatment baths, cathodic dip painting (KTL), top coat systems, drying processes)

  • Optimization of painting processes (part-hanging-density, hooks cleaning cycles, electrostatic coating, masking etc.)

  • Technical standards and norms for coloring (layer thickness, viscosity, corrosion resistance, color codes)

  • Painting quality control and issue tracking systems

  • Inspection equipment and methods (e.g. salt spray test, humidity test, cross-cut test, degree of gloss testing, coating thickness measurement, etc.)

  • Definition of quality standards and KPIs (OK-parts, NOK-parts, OK-rate, quality cost)

  • Painting chemicals and waste water/chemical treatment

  • Personal protective equipment for painters


  • Optimization of assembly work stations

  • Analyzing and optimization of assembly processes, improvement of assembly jigs and equipment

  • Workshop organization and management

  • Assembly line balancing

  • 5S management and trainings

  • Lean production trainings

  • Continuous improvement and KANBAN systems

  • Waste disposal management

  • Aluminium profiles for industrial applications

  • Internal material supply and transportation route design

  • Container standardisation, container management, special container management

  • Inbound and outbound logistic optimization

  • Warehouse layout improvements

  • Material and supply categories (JIS, JIT, Kanban, etc.)

  • Raw material and metal sheet protection

  • Purchased parts delivery process

  • Third party warehouse management

  • Inventory management

  • Shelf management and barcode concept

  • Order picking systems for assembly line supply

  • Tugger train concept and forklift management

Industrial engineering
  • Drawing release process

  • Standard time (REFA) measurement

  • Work station design (basic)

  • Engineering change management (ECM)

  • Cost calculation in production

  • Welding and assembly jig manufacturing process (concept, design, manufacturing, validation)

  • Initial-sample process

  • Supplier Audits (VDA 6.3)

  • Supplier qualification and management

  • Request for Quotation (RFQ) process

  • Driver cabin structure and the procurement of cabs

  • Manufacturing and quality insurance of electric wiring and cables

  • New product launch process (from project team build-up to SOP )

  • Transportation requirements and regulations

  • Injection mould production

  • Extension of an existing ERP system

  • SAP basics

  • Sales forecast

  • From sales planning to production build program