Written Translation

I have years of experience with translations and my mother tongue is Chinese, therefore I can offer you quality translations at a fair price. To guarantee quality, a native speaker of the target language will proofread all translations.

Media translations, such as subtitles for videos or films, websites or print media in various formats (.ai, .indd, etc.) are also available.


Chinese to English, English to Chinese, German to Chinese

Business documents

I will professionally and quickly translate your business documents to the above listed languages. They can be E-mails, business letters, attached presentations, reports or other text forms.

Highly technical text should be sent well in advance, so that I can give you a fair quotation. Please note that the price depends on the technical difficulty of the text.

Marketing materials

Do you need marketing material translated to Chinese? I can help you with that! I offer services for the following:

  • Print media translation (e.g.: .ai, .indd, .psd etc.)
  • Websites
  • Videos/Films with professional subtitles
  • Other media formats

Translation of private & company names

To effectively grow your business in China, you may need a business card in Chinese. The translation in this case is of utmost importance when doing business in China. I can help you find the best Chinese equivalent!

The translation of company names can be of vital importance. It could even be the deciding factor as to whether your business will succeed or not in China.

Your business name can be translated based on a definition of your company’s products, its phonetic sound or/and according to the meaning of Chinese characters.


My price for translation: 

  • Chinese into English: 11€ per 100 Chinese characters (non-technical text)
  • English into Chinese: 10€ per 100 Chinese characters (non-technical text)
  • German into Chinese: 1€ per line (55 characters including spaces) (non-technical text)